Bea Alonzo’s Twitter poser on the attack

Bea Alonzo’s Twitter poser on the attack

A poser who goes by the username “@bealonzomeemee” has been posting malicious and offensive messages using the Twitter account of actress Bea Alonzo.

The imposter has been on the attack for weeks now, intimidating Alonzo’s showbiz celebrity friends. Among the victims is actress Claudine Barretto whose daughter Sabina was not even spared with vicious postings.

A helpless Alonzo could just wish her Twitter imposter will now stop hurling nasty remarks and invectives against her friends and colleagues.

For her part, Barretto said she and husband actor Raymart Santiago have decided to just ignore the issue knowing fully well that it wasn’t their friend Alonzo who was responsible. Having worked with Alonzo since 2005, she assured her Twitter followers that she and Alonzo are still the best of friends.

Other celebrities who have been victimized by Twitter imposters include Angel Locsin, Anne Curtis, and Kim Chiu. According to the Cyber Crimes Division of the National Bureau of Investigation, posers can be held liable for their actions. Twitter itself immediately cancels accounts that are confirmed to be fake.