Ara Mina’s, from superstition to answered prayer

Ara Mina, 41, finally says goodbye to being single after joining in marriage to Dave Almarinez 45, this Wednesday, July 30, 2021, held at Alphaland Baguio Mountain Lodges Chapel, Baguio City.

It was an answered prayer for Ara to finally find her partner in life. Ara said that she was waiting so long for her “The One” to come along. In her prayer, she added that she’s not getting any younger and really wants to experience having her own family one day. Ara is a single mother of daughter Mandy 6, from her former boyfriend Bulacan Mayor Patrick Meneses.

She felt a little frustrated, especially after both her sisters married first before her. There’s a superstition which she believes that once your younger siblings marry first the older ones will no longer be married but she relied firmly on her solemn prayer. In November 2020 Ara announced that she and Dave are officially dating after having known each other for 2years. Over a year later in his hometown in San Pedro, Laguna Dave proposes to her which leads to this happiest moment in their life.

Photo source: instagram @niceprintphoto