Some apartments’ landlords love Filipinos as tenants!

Some apartments’ landlords love Filipinos as tenants!

Why apartments’ landlords are very selective for prospective tenants? And why some landlords do not put the sign “For Rent” even if there are vacancies in their apartments?

According to some landlords, they want only Filpinos as their tenants because they are clean, quiet, reliable in their monthly payment, and the most important, Filipinos do not complain!

Yes, Filipinos are clean and tidy, thanks to our parents who instilled on how to live clean (even some landlords say that the Filipinos consume so much water for their daily baths). Filipinos know how to maintain cleanliness and order in the apartments. Quiet, reserved and enjoy cooking their favorite food (even they fry dried fish which makes the whole apartment block smell fishy).

Yes, they pay their rents on time to avoid paying fine which is charged daily. Filipinos are known to have a good credit rating
And they do not make any complain! Yes and No!

Last year, nine Filipino tenants out of 17 who are renting a West End apartment had a courage to go to the tenant commission to complain about the rental increase which was imposed for the passed many months. The rental increase is too much especially for those who have fixed incomes. At first, some of the tenants were reluctant to join: “Naku, hindi ka mananalo! Sayang lang ng oras mo.” (You’ll be a loser and you are just wasting your time!) Others would say: “Baka palayasin tayo dito kapag natalo kayo!” (They might throw us out if you did not win the case.) “Okey naman “yong landlord, eh bakit magkokomplain pa kayo!” ( The landlord is okey , why you still complain?”)

Sometimes Filipino tenants are not united, some are afraid to report or to file a complaint, some would say: “Bahala na ang Diyos sa kanila!”(Let God be in charged!) And others would say: “I do not have time to go to court, my work is more important than to file a complain!”

To make the story shorter, the nine Filipinos pushed their effort to file a complain against the landlord who raised the rent by more than what the law requires. The rental increase was based on the renovation expenses submitted by the landlord to the rental commission.

But the apartment. according to them, was not properly renovated. There were many unsettled issues. For those Filipino tenants, the big rental increase did not warrant to make the apartment livable. Hearing at the Rental Commission Office between the landlord and the Filipino tenants were held.

The Filipino tenants won the case and got their refund, including those tenants who did not join and sign in filing the complaint. The rental commission found that the landlord had allegedly falsified most of the documents (invoices from subcontractors) to support the renovation expenses of the apartment. The rental commission office summoned the suppliers who were involved in the renovation. Truth came out at the end!

These nine Filipino tenants did the right move, and the 17 tenants were happy to get the refund, but other groups did not.

Like the other group of Filipinos who went to the rental commission to demand the explanation why the rental increase was too much. This complaint did not materialize because the Filipino tenants “have no time” to attend the hearing. “Lilipat na lang ako sa mas murang apartment, hindi ko kayang magbayad ng ganitong rent!” ( I will just transfer to a much lower rental apartment. I cannot afford to pay the rent!”), said the leader of the group who was frustrated with the rent.

As long as we keep silent and we keep the problems among ourselves, these landlords would still “love” the Filipinos as their tenants, leaving the landlords and apartment owners thrive and take advantage on our weaknesses. Every dollar counts. You are robbed with your hard earned money in the broad daylight. This is Canada and we have the right to air, to file complains!

But we never learned! We still hear stories on unwarranted rental increases.

We always say: “Bahala na ang Diyos sa kanila!” (Let the Lord take charge of them!)