Ammonia Leaked from Ice Plant in Navotas Prompting Nearby Residents to Evacuate

An ice plant along the North Bay Boulevard of Navotas City had an ammonia leak; thereby prompting authorities to have nearby residents leave their houses and temporarily stay in evacuation centers.

As vapors released from ammonia are deadly to humans, Mayor Toby Tiangco himself was on top of the situation, ensuring that the Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP) and ambulance vehicles were on site.

Tiangco stated that they prioritized the evacuation of all residents first followed by an investigation of what brought about the leak.

As of posting, Tiangco assured the public that the leak was already under control.

Meanwhile, the mayor disclosed that the ice plant under investigation was owned by his mother. Because of the event that transpired, he had ordered the Bureau of Permits and Licensing Office (BPLO) to issue closure order.

Issuing a public apology to the residents for the trouble the incident has caused, Tiangco said that they will take care of the cost should anyone be hospitalized and expressed the willingness of his family to coordinate with the city government should the need arise.

Photo courtesy of Longos Alpha