American Lampkin helpin’ feed indigent Filipino children

American Lampkin helpin’ feed indigent Filipino children

California, USA-based Michael David Lampkin celebrates his birthday in a selfless way. Rather than spending money to host a party for his family and friends, he instead donated an amount to the Feeding Program of Philippine Educational Charities to help feed a great number of Filipino children in the Philippines.

Lampkin has been supportive of and involved in charitable activities for various deserving children in the Philippines. He has been in the country for more than seven times already, helping in various missions that included giving school supplies, food, and clothing to children of poor families.

Corresponding with each other on Facebook, I asked Lampkin what inspired him to step up and be proactive in helping such marginalized children of the Philippines, Lampkin said, “I saw firsthand how there was a lack of school supplies in the Philippines; and I saw how we have so much here in this part of the world but took these for granted and just threw them to waste that I decided to start collecting these seemingly useless objects like pens, pencils, and other school supplies and turn them into precious items for such children.” He added, “The smiles on their faces that I see every time I would watch videos of their receiving the gifts are what basically keep me from doing what I have been doing for five years now.”

Lampkin is happy to report that many people—friends and even people from other countries whom he doesn’t know personally—have been supportive of his mission and have also stepped up to contribute their own money, time, and effort.

To those who are interested in helping poor children in the Philippines, you may check out this website: