Allan Par bound for Manila in August 2019

Allan Par bound for Manila in August 2019

There is no place like home, and Allan Par’s home is in Alfonso, Cavite!

“I want to go home,” as if a litany being said by Allan Par, a homeless Filipino who got so much media attention when he built a temporary shack at Omand Creek, and became his home while Dante Aviso and Dennis Castaneda have been working to raise fund for his one-way ticket to Manila; and while the Winnipeggers, Filipinos and Canadians alike have been bringing some clothes, food , bottled water, beddings and other home items to make Alan comfortable; and while some job offers have been pouring to help Allan.

“I want to go home, and thanks to all your help,” his common answer everytime he is asked to stay.

For the past five years, Allan has been staying and taking shelter under the bridge, and for this summer, he decided to build a shack, freeing himself not to stay in some houses managed by social agencies, like the Main Street Project.

“We are lucky to get financial support from many people, especially from an anonymous donor for his ticket to Manila,” Dante Aviso said. And Allan’s trip to Manila will be sometime in August.

To date, more than $2,500 was raised thru after the gofundme stopped accepting cash donations.

The travel papers are already prepared by the Deputy Consul Bernardette Fernandez of the Philippine Consul General in Toronto, thru the initiative of Dennis Castaneda.

At least with this extra money, Allan can make adjustment in Alfonso, Cavite where he will stay with his sister, Mila.

A homeless for five years, Allan Par is a permanent resident holder who arrived in Winnipeg 9 years ago. He had been working part time but most of the time, he was being laid off or let go by the companies. And he was wondering why the management would not give him the opportunity for good living.

“I do not know why I encounter this problem in Canada,” he said in one of the media interviews.

After the media coverage, Allan received many donations and kinds, and during our visit, he said: “Please give those bottled water to the church.”

Dante Aviso has requested the donors not to bring perishable food because his shack has no fridge or cooler to store those donated food.

“I think what Allan needs are canned goods to be brought to the Philippines when he leaves for Manila this coming August.” Aviso said.

Meanwhile, FJ was able to interview online Allan’s sister Mila, who lives in Alfonso, Cavite She told the Filipino Journal that they are anticipating for his return to the Philippines.

“And his return will be his birthday gift to me,” Mila said.

And when asked about her youngest brother’s decision to go back the Philippines Mila mentioned that they were able to talk to him: “And he mentioned about his hardship in Winnipeg, and sometimes, we would send money to him.”

At the beginning of his stay in Winnipeg, according to Mila, he had a good earning income and she did not know why her brother turned into a homeless person. And she revealed that Allan had no experience in carpentry.

“He learned carpentry in Winnipeg, and through his own way, he was able to build his temporary shelter,” Mila said.

And Mila sent this message:” To all who helped my brother, Allan, thank you very much. Hope the Lord will bless you all.”

Photos by Dante Aviso