All this lumpia is making me fat!

All this lumpia is making me fat!

Sharing Filipino food and culture through social media!

All my friends know where the Thai, Chinese and Indian restaurants are in Winnipeg. However, when it comes to where the Filipino restaurants are, they always turn to me to ask where they can order lumpia or try one of the famous Filipino breakfasts. I usually tell them to Google “Filipino food” but I worry that they just might end up spelling it wrong.

Now where does the latest social media website – come into the play? is a GPS location-based social networking that allows communities to share locations through GPS, mobile email and text. With the proliferation of smartphones, getting online is alot easier. Friends can share their locations by “checking-in”, earning points and by checking in a certain number of times, or in different locations, you can earn badges, or earn mayorships.

For the Filipino restaurant owners, there are several business benefits. Firstly, it’s FREE marketing! The majority of FourSquare venues are restaurants and bars. When someone checks in, friends will be able to see on Twitter or Facebook that they’ve stopped into a Filipino restaurant and that the longsilog they just ordered is sounding like a really good idea. The simple, yet powerful word of mouth, onl ine promotion is extremely important to many of the Filipino mom & pop stores and restaurants.

From a customer point of view, FourSquare offers the potential for business owners to provide in-store or special FourSquare discounts when they check-in. Provided that you’ve checked-in to a specific venue a certain number of times, you become the “mayor” of that venue. Business owners can offer free food, discounts on products or services to “mayors” and increase sales through repeat business and healthy competition for mayorships.

By sharing the Filipino restaurants on FourSquare, they also get published on my Twitter and Facebook newsfeeds and thereby, educating my dear friends where all the Filipino restaurants, bakeries and karaoke bars are in Winnipeg. During Folklorama, we added both Philippine pavilions on FourSquare and another great way to spread Philippine culture, heritage and cuisine with our friends in our social media networks.

Filipino restaurants currently on Myrna’s, Rice Bowl, Supreme Ice Cream Shoppe, CB’s Restaurant, La Merage, Jejomar Bakery and Jimel’s Bakery to name a few. Asian grocers are also listed – Lucky Supermarket, Van Loi, Young’s Trading, all Superstore and Canada Safeway locations.

To all the Filipino restaurants out there, check out and next time I become mayor of your restaurant, all I want is a longsilog or a combo with fried rice and kare-kare.

Foursquare’s applications are available for iPhone, Android, Blackberry, and Windows Mobile smartphones.