ABS-CBN closure rakes opposition from various sectors

ABS-CBN closure rakes opposition from various sectors

Immediate concerted uproars of disapproval and accusation of blatant violation of press freedom from among the law makers, media watchdog, labor groups and some tv personalities after National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) issued an order to ABS-CBS to stop its TV and Radio broadcast.

The “cease and desist order” was issued to ABS-CBN after its 25 years of broadcasting has expired last May 4th.

In the briefing by Presidential Spokesperson, Secretary Roque emphasized that President Rodrigo Roa Duterte is neutral and it is up to the Senate to review and grant the franchise to ABS-CBN to operate.

As per record, the hearing of the ABS-CBN franchise had been discussed but it was halted when COVID-19 crisis sit-in.

According to some sources, ABS-CBN management can still ask the Supreme Court for a TRO against NTC’s order and be allowed to operate. At the same time, the majority of the senate members have indicated their approval whenever the franchise hearing will be back to the House of Senate.

ABS-CBN airs in Channel 2 and AM Radio DZMM. Other platforms not covered by NTC order like ABS-CBN News Channel can continue broadcasting.