A second look at Manny Pacquiao

A second look at Manny Pacquiao

When will Manny Pacquiao hang his gloves? His own coach and trainer Freddie Roach is egging him to stop now that he’s ahead. He just taught the loudmouth Keith Thurman some boxing lessons. Say it, he has it already. Money, influence and fame are already tucked in his belt.

From Kid Kulafu to Pacman. I am biased like many of our countrymen, and hope the outcome will favor the Pambansang Kamao every time he steps into the ring. He is no longer young at 40. Not true that life begins at 40. Kasabihan lang yun. It’s only a saying. And in case he can’t be persuaded to stop, I hope, we hope he will not go the way like De la Hoya, Margarito, Barrera, Cotto, Bradley, Hatton and many other known ring greats.

Nobody stays on top forever. Looking back on his life, he was 16 years old and was Kid Kulafu then. Just as he survived the difficulties and harsh realities of life, the same to this nation which to this day still surviving and getting browbeating from the uncaring leaders who embraced kleptocracy, running around with their stolen money and dancing with joy when there are a lot more Kid Kulafus in many parts of the archipelago trying to search their place in the sun. President Duterte wanted to knock out corruption, but the corrupts are dancing and running around Mayweather style.

Manny Pacquiao’s journey in the boxing world may have to end sometime. I watched on YouTube his past fights vs different fighters when he was just starting at 17 years of age. He was awkward then. Raw but determined. That determination and perseverance claimed the ladders of different divisions. He became a congressman and a senator. For all you know he might even be Vice President.

As they say all good things never last. Be a preacher Manny! Be a recording artist, a movie star, a playing coach and remain a public servant. But you must stay as the same Manny. So nice,kind, generous and humble. Because from where you started, it was way, way down there. But like an eagle,you soared so high that the whole world took notice.

And now, be like the palay grown in the rice fields of Saranggani, they bow down to the earth when their grains are ripe. This corner and all of the brown race are wishing you the best of luck everytime you step into the ring.

Editor’s Note: Formerly newspaperman of Daily Inquirer and other major dailies; former TV and radio Broadcaster. Former Director of various corporations like Clark Development Co.; and a former City of Angeles Councillor. Now a regular columnist of Sun Star Pampanga.