A Public Apology to Those who Felt Maligned

A Public Apology to Those who Felt Maligned

“Mga Puna ni Inna” is a column intended to feature satirical articles that deal with cultural and human follies—sharp or piercing such topics may be—that’s the point of satires. While characters, events, and circumstances may be true-to-life occurrences, personal names are never mentioned. More so, situations are always qualified without making hasty generalizations.

However, in the last article featured in this particular column, entitled “Mga Taong Maysa-Manananggal,” the writer has been a bit personal, failing to realize that the true-to-life element of the topic would be too hurtful to the people referred to in the article despite the anonymity of their actual names as well as the event, date, and venue the incident has occurred.

One might say that “damage has been done,” but there’s also a saying that goes “better late than never.” So, in consideration of the heartaches, disappointments, and inconveniences that the writer has caused because of the article, the writer, on behalf of Filipino Journal, is hereby issuing a public apology.

We decided not to mention names anymore, as usual, to avoid “rubbing salt to the injury.” We no longer want to cause anymore pain and embarrassment to specific individuals.

So, to whoever became privy of the identities of the characters in the said article, don’t believe wholly what had been written in it simply because the writer is the one mostly at fault—not the persons referred to; and also because “Mga Puna ni Inna” has always been a column intended for semi-fictitious features, so don’t take the stories and commentaries literally and too seriously. Though the satirical nature of the column will remain, the writer will be more careful, considerate, and general next time when citing examples and situations.