6 Guitars

6 Guitars

Written by: Maria Cristina Laureano

Whenever you get different music lovers together, you risk the chance of them arguing over why their genre is better.

Although this seems like quite a conflict with no actual answer, it’s also the inspiration of Chase Padgett’s one-man play: 6 guitars.

In this play, Padgett explores six musical guitar styles – blues, country, folk, jazz, Spanish and rock – along with associated personas.

Throughout his piece, Padgett seamlessly transitions between the characters to explore the different nuances that make each genre special. This combination of good comedic acting and musicality is further paired up with Padgett’s ability to keep the audience engaged.

So what genre is the best?

Padgett ends his performance by playing different versions of Imagine by John Lennon, which seems to demonstrate that we should be accepting of all of them

because all of them have a purpose.

4 and a half lumpia out of 5 – ma sarap!