Bela Padilla Answers Questions About Her Move To London

Kapamilya actress Bella Padilla finally answers questions of her fans on why she moved to London .In her recent vlog, while visiting one of the landmarks in London, Bela videotaped a question and answer vlog, responding to a few questions posted by her followers.

Bela mentioned that although moving to London makes it easier to be with her boyfriend Norman, it is not the main reason why she moved.

“There are many reasons why I moved here. One of them is because I feel like the world stopped during pandemic and I have been looking for something new to do in my life. I feel like at this point, I will be more productive here. It just makes more sense for me to live here.”

Born Krista Elyse Sullivan, Bela’s father is British that’s why she has the citizenship. And while her mom is still based in the Philippines and her father in Thailand, Bela has family and friends in the UK that she considers her support system. She had move into an apartment, registered for a bank account and has been exploring her new life.

Asked abut her career, Bela said that she never mentioned about quitting her job. In fact, her directorial debut movie “366” is yet t come out in February 2022.

“Your career doesn’t stop just because you want to achieve something more in your life. I think this move will help my career because I’m more inspired, I feel more calm. Don’t think that because you choose one thing, you have to let go of another thing. If you know how to balance things in your life, if you are very focused and know your priorities, you wouldn’t have to give up one thing just to make yourself happy,” Bella added.

Before the vlog ended, Bela also clarified speculations about her being “pregnant.’

“I’m not pregnant. I’m just enjoying my life. Not everyone who moves to a different country is pregnant. I’m not married, I’m not engaged. I think we have to get out of that mindset already. Some people just have dreams. They just want to explore a different part of the world.”