What do you have in your 2014 Bucket Lists?

What do you have in your 2014 Bucket Lists?

Every New Year, we do stop and reflect on what had happened last year; we do recollect and reconnect with those events, at best, the memories of your love, family, money and your volunteerism in 2013! And at worst, to remember the death and destruction left by the Super Typhoon Haiyan last November; to the images of hopelessness, to losing faith for mankind; to the cursing cry for losing loved ones; and for questioning if God really exists!
The Filipino Journal sent the requests to our kababayans in Manitoba and in the Phiippines for their wishes and bucket lists for 2014; and these are their responses. Enjoy!

Letty Antonio, president of OFSAM 2014-2017 and MaCCFA adviser: “Continued blessing for 2014 for good health; and as God always provides the physical, emotional and spiritual nourishments; pray for peace and follow God’s commandments; and always remember the “Golden Rule” : “Do unto others what you want others do unto you.”

Kevin Lamoureux, MP, Winnipeg North: “To be healthy with 155 pounds lighter. In the serious side, to communicate with more people; and advocate and promote wide variety of national and local needs; visiting visa changes from the Federal gov’t; to do more mediation services for people in need; a successful and safe trip to India and to the Philippines this year; and to have at least 6 special events in my constituent, the Winnipeg North.”

Jean Guiang,O.M. & founder of FIDWAM: “More team participation in all events in our community; more engagement in the political discussions and involvement in the government decision making process; more family oriented activities for the new immigrants; remain friendly, compassionate, generous, kind, thoughtful, cooperative and concerned members for the welfare and well being of our own people.”

Maan Chan-Urbano, QPAM president: ” More fund raising involvement with QPAM and with other associations; to better the communication and relationships among the officers and members of QPAM; and hope more funding for QPAM and successful 2014 projects of QPAM for 2014 specially our “Manuel Quezon Night on August at Ramada Inn, Viscount Gord.”

Randy Viray, president, Randy Viray Financial Services: “To reach my personal and business goals; more united and stronger leaders and members of our community; and share your time for more volunteer works with the Winnipeg Harvest and SILOAM Mission.”

Carol Castro, head, Filipino Journal Volunteers: “More peace and cooperation among us; and continued sharing with others of the blessings we have been receiving everyday. And more family reunifications and family oriented activities.”

Ella Yambao, FILCASA, Inc. president: “To be friendly to everybody especially the people in FILCASA Inc. Goals and aspirations are attainable with common bond of friendship.”

Mario Rosario, past president of Association of Ilocanos in Manitoba (AIM): To have more time to continue our mission in the Philippines: to help the needy people in our home country. And more donors to help us continue our objectives, provide the basic necessities of our less fortunate kababayans.”

Julie Javier, vice president, MaCCFA and governor, Batangas Association of Manitoba: “More time to volunteer and to share the blessing with less fortunate people here and in the Philippines. More dedicated leaders in our community, and be united in times when our help is needed.”

Lawrence Toet – MP, Elmwood-Transcona: “A wonderful year in 2014 for all your readers. A continued focus on the Canadian economy to ensure that it continues to expand for years to come. Ensure a diligent focus on the Deficit Reduction Action Plan so we return to balanced budgets by 2015. Work with local employers to seek expanded employment opportunities and the growth of the local business sector. Discuss with local cultural leaders their community’s challenges and opportunities, including new immigrants to Canada who wish to contribute positively to our country. Collaborating with all levels of government and industry to ensure that youth have opportunities to get employment and experience to move forward and contribute to the Canadian economy, both today and in the future. Focus on skills training and apprenticeships for our next generation of skilled workers. Ensure our seniors, who have contributed so much to Canada, are adequately supported and secure in their retirement years, including supportive programs which keep seniors active and engaged, as these are keys to a long and healthy retirement.”

Cesar Valdez, president, Southeast Manitoba Filipino Association, based in Steinbach, Manitoba: “For 2014, I do hope for a more united Filipino community, by working together for a common goal: positive image of the Filipino community. Our community is growing and we want to be involved in the various civic and community events. Sama-sama po tayo sa kaunlaran ng ating community.”

Justin Merluza, owner/manager Just_In Couture: “Determined to make 2014 a success. Look forward to the probable occurrences, but hard work and determination all our hopes and dreams will be a reality. We hope that 2014 brings all the families, the joy and happiness both here in Winnipeg and our extended families around the world.”

Larry Vickar, CEO and president, Vickar Autogroup: “To your readers, my wishes are for good health and happiness surrounded by the ones closest to you, family and good friends who truly care for each other and for their brothers and sisters the world over for whom my hope in these wishes transcend in not only thought but as well in word and deed.

Mel and Evie: Thomasians, California: “I will make a reference to St. Francis’ prayer and the Pope’s advent message…’making us all instruments of our good Lord’s love, compassion toward each other with peace and humility in our heart…always…This is always keep you in good health, physical and spiritual.”

Mahloi del Rosario, UST’69, Manila: “Answered prayers for good health, abundance, and a gentler year for mankind. My bucket list includes: family vacation in Boracay and trip to Barcelona, Spain in April.”

And from us, the Management and staff of the Manitoba and Alberta Filipino Journal, we want to share with you what Martin Luther King, Jr. says: “The ultimate measures of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy!”
A blissful 2014 to all!