2012 Chevy Orlando

2012 Chevy Orlando

A practical vehicle for today’s growing families

Looking for a practical vehicle to shuttle kids to and from Sunday morning basketball games, look no further than the 2012 Chevy Orlando. Based on the best selling Chevy Cruze, the Orlando is a compact cross over with a comfortable seating for 7 passengers across three rows. The all-new Chevy Orlando is the next minivan for families and only available in Canada.

Need some extra cargo space for the coolers and boxes of food for the summer picnic fiesta, no problem! With a simple flip of a switch, the four seats in the back can flip down to give you and your family all the space to transport the trays of pancit and a one whole lechon, or maybe two. The Chevy Orlando is a great utility vehicle.

The 2012 Chevy Orlando comes equipped with a 174hp 2.4L ECOTEC 4-cylinder engine and offers 10.6L/100km (city) and 6.9L/100kms (hwy) fuel efficiency. Whether it’s used as a family shuttle mini-van or hauling products for your small business, the Orlando is easy on the wallet when it comes to filling up.

The interior of the Chevy Orlando has a descent finish with various textured plastic throughout the front dash, including a hidden compartment for your smartphone or MP3 player. Seating is comfortable, with limited space in the third row and easily accessible. The Orlando has a boxy exterior styling, tapered window styling and a huge front grill.

The 2012 Chevy Orlando is available in four different trim levels (LS, 1LT, 2LT and LTZ) with price range starting at $19,995 to $28,495. Similar vehicles to the Chevy Orlando in the compact crossover category include the Kia Rondo, Dodge Journey and the Mazda 5.