2011 Census gets underway today

2011 Census gets underway today

OTTAWA – Statistics Canada announced that the 2011 Census gets underway today with more than 15 million dwellings receiving yellow census packages.

For the first time, 60% of households will receive a letter replacing the traditional paper questionnaire. This letter will provide information to allow respondents to complete the questionnaire online. It will also contain a toll-free number respondents can call to request a paper questionnaireif preferred.

The remaining dwellings will receive paper questionnaires in both official languages.

The 2011 Census consists of questions on age, sex, marital and common-law status, family relationships, language and consent to release personal information after 92 years.

Census information is important for all communities and is vital for planning services, such as schools, daycare, police and fire. Statistics Canada encourages all household to complete the census.

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Cet avis aux médias est aussi disponible en français.