The 12/21: A Band of Three Brothers

The 12/21: A Band of Three Brothers

by aLfie vera mella

The 12/21 was originally formed in Marikina, Philippines, in 2006. Young, energetic, and performance-driven, the numerically named band is comprised by the brothers Roman Maceda (vocals/guitar) and twins Rico Maceda (bass/vocals) and Roque Maceda (drums). Born of creative, artistic, and supportive parents (who used to be members of WEA Dancers in the 1980s), the trio naturally gravitated to music at such early ages. Roman was 12 when he began to learn his instrument; Rico and Roque were eight. The family immigrated to Manitoba in 2008. The brothers simply carried on with their passion in music. They cite as their musical influences The Beatles, The Police, Arctic Monkeys, Green Day, Blink-182, and Eraserheads. Aside from rendering tight covers that include The Dawn’s “Enveloped Ideas,” VST & Co.’s “Awitin Mo, Isasayaw Ko,” The Cure’s “In Between Days,” and The B-52’s’ “Rock Lobster,” they’ve also written their own songs: “Adventure,” “Audrey,” “Don’t Let Go,” “Every Time,” “Down,” and “One Last Kiss.” The 12/21 owes their solid sound to frequent practicing and performing; aside of course from their natural bond as brothers.

Venues The 12/21 had already played at include Park Theatre, Essence, Lincoln Hotel, International Worship Centre, Canton Food Gallery, and Maples Collegiate. To those who want to check the band out in their best form, take note of the following gigs: Winnipeg Sikaran Arnis Academy Reunion, on April 26, 6 p.m., at Filipino Senior Citizens Hall (49 Euclid Ave.); and Pinoy Rock Fest 2014, May 24, 6 p.m., Jimel’s International Cuisine (1045 St. James St.).

I asked Roman what suggestion he would like to direct to the Filipino community leaders concerning the local music scene, he said: “There are many talented Filipino artists here in Winnipeg; hopefully we can showcase them more, not only in the city and within the Filipino community but also elsewhere and to a non-Filipino audience. I wish that there could be more shows and events so we can promote our artists and their music. Lastly, I hope that our own fellow Filipinos continue to support our own talents.”

The name of the band was derived from the birthdays of the brothers—Roman’s being November 12; and the twins’, August 21.