Red River Mutual Trail stretches 7.5kms & 2018 Warming Huts

Red River Mutual Trail stretches 7.5kms & 2018 Warming Huts

The 2018 Red River Mutual Trail build is complete – offering skaters (and walkers, cyclists, cross country skiiers, and joggers) a whopping 7.5 kilometres stretching from Churchill Dr. on the Red River, to Arlington St. on the Assiniboine – the longest trail since 2009. The last time it extended over 6.5 km was in 2009 when we won the Guinness Book of World Records for 9.34 kms of trail.

“We’re excited to be afforded the conditions to extend the trail down both the Red and Assiniboine this year, and offer this mode of connection to various communities,” says Paul Jordan, Chief Executive Officer, The Forks. “It’s outstanding to see this city come to life on the rivers in the wintertime – whether people are using it to commute to work daily, or as a fun family activity on evenings and weekends.”

The Red River Mutual Trail opened December 22, and has been open for a total of 33 days – the same length of time the 2017 trail was open in total. Record numbers were seen last weekend, with some 77,000 visitors skating the trail.

Six new warming huts are ready for the River Trail

The class of 2018 warming huts include the Golden Bison (Mexico), Totem (Eastonia) and The Trunk (Vancouver). The fourth warming hut, “Temple of Lost Things” was designed by award-winning filmmaker and artist Guy Maddin. The last two warming hut designs were submitted by students. “Pontagon” is designed by the University of Manitoba’s Faculty of Architecture and “#HUGMUG” is from Grade 11 students at Mennonite Brethren Collegiate Institute.

Photos by Bryan Mesias | Filipino Journal