QPAM’s Santacruzan celebrates the festival of flowers and good harvests

QPAM’s Santacruzan celebrates the festival of flowers and good harvests

If you had attended last Saturday, May 28, at the Annual Quezon Province Association of Manitoba’s annual Santacruzan or Mayuhan, you would see how the Quezonians gave their hearts and souls to celebrate the festival of flowers and good harvests. The Maples Community Centre was decorated with aranyas, pabitin and pahiyas, making the place as a perfect venue to meet and greet the current Hermana and Hermano Mayor, Mr. & Mrs. Hugh & Claudia Cahatol O’Donell and the Hermanita at Hermanito, Mr. & Mrs. John and Yaga Aguilar, the reynas, sagalas, young constantino, angels and escort.

“With the success of our 2016 Santacruzan, i would like to thank our Hermana and Hermano Mayor, the Herminita and Hermanito Mayor, all the reynas’, sagalas ang escorts, and all the volunteers, including our officers, advisers and members of Qpam who have been very supportive to make this annual event a memorable one.

And special thanks to our many sponsors who have been supportive to make this religious and cultural celebrations alive and sustainable. Without all the helps, this pride of Quezon would not be possible,” said Maggie Chan Urbano, president of Quezon Province Association of Manitoba (QPAM).

The following were the participants in 2016 Santacruzan: Samantha Cahatol, Reyna Elena 2016; William Hugh, Constantino; Kristen Cahatol, Reyna delas Flores; Amanda Cahatol, Reyna Emperatriz; Denise Samniego, Miss Teen Manitoba 2016; and Mikhaela Mendez,Miss Teen Manitoba 2015. Sagalas and escorts: Anthony Manansala, Elijah Joaquin Revilla, Elisha Jael-Ann Revilla, Ezrah Jose Revilla, Francisco Santos, Freedom Rosales, Gabby Aquino, Hannielle Chan Urbano, Julliana Rosales, Janice Aguilar, Kelsey Voung, Jordan Manansala, Louis Aquino, Mikah Aliakbar, and Reena Aguilar.

Sponsors were AMF Driving School, Aristocrat Restaurant, Birchwood Honda Regent, CKJA (GMP, Afternoon Pasada & PSN), Filipino Journla, Just_In Couture, Kim Viet Travel, Let’s Think Ink Custom Printing, Mangyan’s Photo Booth- John Lopez, McDonald Restaurant, Nonie Manalili, Pilipino Express, Sarbit Travel, Tri-M Windows, UMAC of Winnipeg, Vickar Automotive Group, Young Market-McPhillips.

A mass was celebrated by Fr. Rodrigo Lazarte, accompanied by Christ Disciples Choir. After the mass, the sumptuous lunch was served, “paagaw” of pahiyas, mostly veggies, and chichirias. The aranyas were raffled and 50/50 was conducted as part of the QPAM’s fundraising.

Photos by John Lopez, Noli Manalili and Rod Cantiveros| Filipino Journal