On Profile: Local Concert Producer Jhayzon Paredes

On Profile: Local Concert Producer Jhayzon Paredes

Last issue, we gave recognition to one of our local concert producers, acknowledging his hard work and his being instrumental in providing good band-music entertainment especially for the Filipino community in Winnipeg. Now, we are turning our focus on another important producer in the local Filipino community, who already has a long list of band-music productions.

In time for the forthcoming concert of the Philippine Alternative Rock bands Siakol and Grin Dept., at Essence Event Centre at Canad Inn on McPhillips, on May 6, I am giving recognition to this show’s producer: Jhayzon Paredes, the man behind Jaizen Design, who with his team has been bringing in worthwhile acts to the city since 2006.

A family man, a musician himself (being a member of various local bands that included FourSight and Fhamathou), and a businessman (managing JJ Cabinet Warehouse), Paredes began producing shows of local bands in the early 2000s, but his first big venture occurred in 2006, when he brought in Siakol to Canada for the first time, here in Winnipeg. After that, more Philippine bands and artists followed suit. The long list included Mike Hanopol in 2007, Slapshock in 2008, Eraserheads’ Ely Buendia and the rest of Pupil in 2009, True Faith in 2010, The Youth / Yano’s Dong Abay / Teeth’s Glen Jacinto in 2013, and Lolita Carbon in 2016.

Not resting on his laurels, Paredes is once again treating Winnipeg to a dose of Philippine Alternative Rock music. Again, on May 6, Paredes and his Jaizen Design, in collaboration with FAJ Production, is gracing the stage of Essence Event Centre with the double whammy show of Siakol and Grin Dept.—two of the most enduring and variety-oriented Alternative Rock bands of the Philippines. For tickets and other inquiries, contact Jhayzon at 204-899-1765.

Support our local producers. Support Filipino artists. Support Filipino music. Support Siakol and Grin Dept.’s upcoming concert!