Northern Lights bring Manitoba skies to life!

Northern Lights bring Manitoba skies to life!

This happened! As I was driving home from Calgary earlier this month along the Trans-Canada Highway between Brandon and Winnipeg, a magnificent spectacle of lights danced across the skies to the north of me. I immediately turned to my GPS unit to figure out the next country road to turn off so I could get away from the bright lights of trucks and trailers cruising along Hwy 1. As I came upon my first random country road and farmers field, I parked my car and opened the door. To my amazement, I was greeted by Mother Nature with a once-in-a-lifetime amazing display of lights dancing along the southern skies of Manitoba.

I’ve seen the Northern Lights before but not with this much intensity and vibrancy. I’ve been to Churchill, Manitoba on several occasions in the hopes of witnessing the magical light show. I’ve seen them while camping and cottaging over the years. Again, the brilliance of the aurora borealis on this evening, alone in a wheat field brought shivers down my spine. Given how far south I was, to see the Northern Lights directly above was truly special. Most instances in the past, the Northern Lights were visible across the northern horizon.

I have several other photos posted on the Filipino Journal website. The photos are from at least five different farmer’s fields and random country roads somewhere between Brandon and Winnipeg. A drive which normally would take about 2 hours ended up being a 4-hour park & shoot adventure. If it wasn’t for the chilly conditions that evening, I may have stayed all night until the light show ended. As I approached Winnipeg, the light pollution from the city lights washed away the Northern Lights.

These Northern Lights kicked some major aurora borealis! They were truly the best display I have ever experienced. I’m truly in awe of Mother Nature. I’m truly blessed that I had the proper camera gear to be able to enjoy it with everyone.

For those lucky enough to experience seeing the Northern Lights, I can understand how mystical they can be. Watching them on TV, or YouTube just isn’t the same. For those still waiting to see them in true living colour, make sure to enjoy the moment first. After that, run to your camera and tripod as quickly as possible.

We truly live in a magical and beautiful country.

Photo by Ron Cantiveros | Filipino Journal