Mayor’s Message

Mayor’s Message

It is my pleasure to extend greetings to everyone attending the 4th Annual Manitoba Filipino Business Council (MFBC), and congratulations on the MFBC’s fifth anniversary.

Small business is the engine that drives our economy, and the MFBC does important work to help grow our city and local economy through support for Filipino business owners. Winnipeg is an incredibly diverse city, and we’re proud to be home to a vibrant and thriving Filipino community. The MFBC’s positive impact has helped preserve and promote Filipino heritage, while encouraging and supporting small business here in our community through networking and professional development, and helping build our diverse city as a place we are all proud to call home.

It takes initiative, vision, and hard work to make an event such as this happen, and I would like to extend thanks to all of the organizers and volunteers who worked hard to make this event a success again this year.

On behalf of the City of Winnipeg and my City Council colleagues, congratulations on this milestone anniversary and to tonight’s honoured nominees and award-winners. Best wishes to all for a memorable celebration and continued success in the future.

Mayor Brian Bowman,
City of Winnipeg

Board of Directors

President: Hipolito Alibin Jr.; Vice-President: Jihan Aquino; Secretary: Dale Voluntad; Treasurer: Ray Mutuc; Director. Public Relations: Jackie Wild; Director. Events: Valen Vergara; Director Membership. Todd Labelle and Executive Assistant: Linger Aragon

Gala Committee

Hipolito Alibin Jr., Jihan Aquino, Dale Voluntad, Ray Mutuc, Jackie Wild, Valen Vergara, Todd Labelle, Katya Labelle, Tes Aiello and Linger Aragon