Manila Nights Pop Up Alert

Manila Nights Pop Up Alert

Baon Bistro, specializing in Pacific Soul Food is popping up this Sunday! Opens 12-6pm for take out and pick up only.

LOCO MOCO – a simple, hearty, Hawaiian soul food dish. The loco moco was one of the first dishes I was introduced to in the early 80s on vacation with the fam and again in the late 90s.

“Legend has it that a group of locals in Hawaii went to their favorite restaurant in Hilo and asked for a cheap breakfast to be made with hamburger, rice, gravy and fried eggs. These ingredients are now known simply as the “Loco Moco.”

– M. Keala Milles, Jr.
Our “Loko Moco” (Loko means crazy in tagalog) is with a garlic soy and banana ketchup seasoning, seasonal Manitoba Chantrelle mushrooms, over easy egg, white rice, gravy and scallion.

Pre-order now for Sunday *limited quantities*