Mabubuting Kabataan Ngayon

(Pag-asa Pa Rin ng Bayan)

Maraming nagsasabi na ang mga kabataan daw ngayon ay iresponsable. Hindi ako pabor dito.

Dreams for the Future

My now 11-year-old son has so many plans and dreams for himself in the future. For one, he wants to be an engineer because, according to him, and I could observe it, he loves building and fixing things, he is good in making videos, stop-motion, game commentating, and understanding computer programs and many more.
I have hundreds of friends and acquaintances who I’m sure have also children of their own whom they have also high regard for.
All these children will be the movers and thinkers of tomorrow when my batch will have become the elderly.
And I have so much hope in these children.
I don’t believe that the future is doomed. No.
Many of the kids today will be the great leaders of tomorrow.
I could imagine in the time of Nostradamus, he and many others were lamenting about the decay of the youth and their own future.
But the subsequent generations did just fine.
The struggles will always be there, yes.
But humans, in general, will always persist. They are a resilient species.

Sa Madaling Salita
Imbes na insultuhin ang mga kabataan ngayon, sila ay dapat suportahan at igabay sa tamang landas.