Jose Rizal Monument now stands in Winnipeg, Manitoba

Last August 24, 2020, the life-size statue of Dr. Jose Rizal, Philippine’s National Hero, was unveiled. Installed in the Waterford Green Common right on Dr Jose Rizal Way, Knights of Rizal Winnipeg Chapter hosted the unveiling with around 30 guests. Present were Rizal Memorial Committee Head, Felino de Jesus, Dr. Tom Colina, Mike Pagtakhan, MP Terry Duguid, Rev. Neil Parado, Mohamed Ali, Councillors Vivian Armstrong Santos and Devi Sharma, MLA Malaya Marcelino and MP Kevin Lamoureux.

The sculpture was created by Order of Manitoba recipient and nationally renowned artist Peter Sawatzky.

Rizal Memorial Committee Head Felino de Jesus thanked in his speech the people who have been instrumental in the memorialization of Dr Jose Rizal’s ideals in the city of Winnipeg including Winnipeggers who have been celebrating in every effort that the committee does in honouring the national hero.

“The task of reminding people of who Rizal was and is, is almost complete,” de Jesus said.

Photos by Mike Pagtakhan