Has Bella Padilla found a new love in Cappadocia?

In her Instagram post on October 6th, Bella Padilla posted a photo with a guy named Norman Ben Gay (@nocir) shot in Cappadocia, Turkey. She captioned it, “The One I Met in St. Gallen”- which is a reference to her romantic movie with Carlo Aquino, “Meet Me in St. Gallen.”

Friends and fans of Bella even got crazy over the guy’s comments saying, “hi love” and commented in Tagalog with “Mahal kita” and said that his phone’s exploding.

Also in a previous IG post, Bela shared how beautiful and charming Cappadocia is. Part of her caption read:
“They have great food and even better people. I luckily got to meet some of the best ones.” Undoubtedly referring to Norman as one of them.