Fil-Kam first annual Charity Golf Tournament

Fil-Kam first annual Charity Golf Tournament

On June 25, 2016 Fil-Kam Group accomplished its goal of raising P200,000.00 PHL pesos. Fil-Kam first annual Charity Golf Tournament was held at Kildonan Park Golf Course with 85 golf enthusiasts competing.

The tournament was conceived, planned and executed by Fil-Kam when the group found out that the need for financial assistance is greatly needed by a halfway house “Bahay Aruga” for pediatric cancer patients in Manila, Philippines. These patients comes from the poor families in the rural areas all over the Philippines for treatments in the hospitals in Manila.

The executives and members of Fil-Kam greatly appreciate the generousity of the competitors and donors without you it will be impossible to extend assistance.

Your kind support will be able to help out our “kabayan” in the Philippines that are in dire need of our help. This help will provide the needed medical assistance, medications and living accommodation while in the City of Manila. Our hope is that our attention to their predicament will help them gain a strong will to fight on and get well, defeating what ails them.

We are also extending our appreciations to all of those who helped us in every facet of the effort to hold a successful golf tournament, without you all these would not be possible, thank you very much.

Romeo Roque
Fil-Kam President
Raul Bulaong
Fil-Kam Vice President