The 2-million worth campaign that Travel Manitoba released this summer encourages Manitobans to check out their own province, calling the advocacy “Home is Where the Heart is.”

“Having done the hard work necessary to flatten the curve of COVID-19 cases, Manitobans now have a great opportunity to safely explore their own province this summer,” said Ralph Eichler, Manitoba’s minister of Economic Development and Training, in a news release.

Videos of the campaign that were already digitally released focus on camping, fishing road trips, local dining and places like Churchill, also featuring local residents inviting the audience to explore and show Manitoba some love this summer.

There is no doubt that the campaign resonated to a lot of Manitobans including the Ege family who were among the many visitors at Birds Hill Provincial Park last August long weekend.

“We are here for the day to bike, to explore and just have a great time as a family.” said mother Mary Joy Ege.

Being so close to Winnipeg, Birds Hill Provincial Park is probably one of the most-visited parks in Manitoba every summer. Aside from the short drive from the city, it offers different activities like swimming, camping, hiking, fishing and many more. It is also venue to a lot of sports races and activities. Not to mention, it’s home to the annual Winnipeg Folk Fest that was also cancelled this year due to COVID-19.

Last August long weekend, Birds Hill definitely got some love from Manitobans who flocked to the lake. Families including kababayans spent the day catching up with relatives, biking , swimming and even celebrating a birthday while adhering to safety protocols.

Aside from Birds Hill Park, other tourist destinations are doing well in tourism according to Travel Manitoba’s CEO and president, Colin Ferguson.

“We know that Clear Lake is doing very well and we’ve seen a lot of traction, a lot of people coming in either from Saskatchewan or coming in from other parts of Manitoba. The Whiteshell is doing well, the Interlake is doing well, (and) in and around Brandon is doing well.”

With COVID-19 still around and travel restrictions still being in effect, this is indeed the perfect time to check out your own backyard, Manitoba! With safe and careful travelling, not only that Manitobans can discover the beauty of this province but more importantly, be instrumental in getting the tourism industry rolling again.

Photo courtesy: Ron Cantiveros