The envisioning celebration of the future of Filipinos in Manitoba

The envisioning celebration of the future of Filipinos in Manitoba

On Wednesday January 14th, 2015, a group of the wise and knowledgeable “elders” from our Filipino Community were gathered together by the Philippine Heritage Council of Manitoba Inc. to discuss and map the history of 50 years of Filipinos in Manitoba. A group of 20 was invited and with those who made it at the meeting together with the steering committee of the PHCM Envisioning Celebration, we ensured that we could gather data to map out the monumental people, dates and accomplishments of our community. The data gathered will be used to showcase the last 50 years of our community. The envisioning event will focus on defining our vision, identifying our uncertainties and bold steps and next steps for our community to help us grow, prosper, and tackle the challenges of the future for the next 50 years of Filipinos in Manitoba.

The last time our community was gathered for such an event similar to what will be happening in March was in 1978. Why this – why now – why not !!!

The steering committee of the PHCM Envisioning Celebration which will be held on March 7, 2015 to envision the future of Filipinos in Manitoba have been busy preparing for this event !. The committee set at work since November 2014 and had a taste of an innovative process to get the community engaged in an interactive, dynamic and fun way while we work on a challenging task. The committee has been guided by the expertise of Martin Itzkow and supported by the United Way of Winnipeg and sponsors of PHCM: Safeway, RBC, Mosaic Funeral Homes, Scotia Bank and Vickar Auto Groups.

The “elders” included pioneer members of our community such as Dr. Rey Pagtakhan, Dr Roland De Guzman, Gemma Dalayoan, Felino de Jesus, Tessie Ramos, Cris Gomez and Fidel Araneta. With Martin Itzkow facilitating, the group along with the steering committee was able to map key people, map events, successes and challenges “back in the days.” Themes were evident in just minutes of discussion and “colourful sticky notes” of prominent people, events and learnings decorated the walls of our meeting room. It was a few hours of productivity to help guide what 50 years looked like since Filipinos began immigrating to Winnipeg in the 1960’s….and the start of what will continue to happen for March…

The context map and historical map we worked on will be valuable to help the participants see how we have grown – what is happening now – to help continue the discussion on our future.

It was hard work but the evening was not all about work – in fact, a wonderful meal was prepared. Thanks to those who prepared the food and dessert and to Gelyn’s Wedding Lounge who made a wonderful cake to celebrate the birthday of Dr. Rey Pagtakhan. Belated Happy Birthday Dr. Pagtakhan!

A big thank you to the elders of our community for their guidance and help in the community and help prepare for envisioning the future of Filipinos in Manitoba.

For more information on the event and PHCM, please do not hesitate to email them at or visit them on facebook at .