Duterte appoints former NBI director Dante Gierran as new president of PhilHealth

At the height of the Senate hearing on the alleged corruption in the Philippine Health Insurance Corporation, President Rodrigo Duterte appointed former National Bureau of Investigation DIrector, Dante Gierran, as the new president, succeeding the resigned president and CEO Ricardo Morales.

Gierran, a CPA lawyer, accepted the appointment with a mission. He said that he did not apply for the position because of the tough job it entails.”I’m one who will not back out from a mission. I know it’s a huge mission,” Gierran said.

In an interview with CNN Philippines, the new president of the embattled agency assured that he will not repeat the past mistakes done by the previous administration led by Morales. “One thing is sure, I will not commit the wrong that was made by the previous management of PhilHealth. We have to do the right.

We have to do what is appropriate,”said Gierran. “In that way, we will be restoring the confidence of the Filipinos to PhilHealth.”

The Philippine Health Insurance Corporation established in 1995 has been serving the needs of the people for medicare until a whistle blower went public to open the can of worms that this agency is run by corrupt officials. Senate hearings were held to look closer at the many years of corruption in the agency.

Gierran’s appointment took effect immediately.