Creative DIY Projects during COVID19

Creative DIY Projects during COVID19

If you’ve been to the local hardware store during COVID19, you may have seen bare shelves in the paint department, and recently, nails and screws are all gone. As many homeowners like myself have been staying home during COVID19, we are also spending more time working on improvements. We originally started with spring cleaning in the hopes that we could sell some stuff at community garage sales and get rid of stuff during Winnipeg’s Giveaway Weekend, both of which were cancelled due to public health orders.

The warmer weather also helps as we can now shift from indoor projects to gardening and outdoor projects. We’ve completed some painting and decluttering projects and now moving onto fixing up the backyard. Our original plan was to buy a pre-fabricated shed and with the extra time staying at home, we decided that building a custom shed would be more appropriate for our needs and still be within budget.

After countless hours doing research on YouTube and other online sources, there were free DIY plans available. As the May longweekend approached, the 3-day weekend was a great time to kick off our backyard build. Let’s get building!

We spent Saturday building the foundation and took a lot longer than I had originally anticipated. Saturday evening, we completed the foundation, subfloor and back frame. After taking some Advils to dull my sore, aching muscles, Day 1 was in the books and happy with our accomplisments.

Sunday ended up being a day of rest. It also didn’t help that I took about an hour just to get up was every single muscle in my body was sore. Still, it was a good feeling. By Sunday evening, we had enough energy to build the frame on the left and right side of the shed. Day 2, done!

Monday, another partial day on the project, we built the front wall. That’s where we left it. We’ll tackle the roof later this weekend. Day 3 was done! Time for a good old fashioned Filipino BBQ backyard dinner to celebrate our on-going DIY backyard build.

The project is still on budget with a few more additions to consider along the way. As soon as this project is done, I’ll share my material lists and maybe include some renovation tips from our build.

Happy DIY building folks!

Photos by Ron Cantiveros