Biking Little Baguio

Members of the Filipino Amateur Mountain Bikers (FAMB) taking a break as they ride through biking trails at Birds Hill Provincial Park.
Nestled among the forests and hiking trails found throughout the park, “Little Baguio” is a tree lined gravel pit where FAMB members have come together for a common passion. Over 40 mountain bikers were out at Birds Hill last week enjoying the outdoors, camaraderie and thrill of biking, especially for newbies.
The trail is not officially on any provincial park map and the biking group have aptly nicknamed the area after Bagiuo, a city in the mountinous Northern Luzon region of the Philippines.
On any given day (or night), members of FAMB are taking to the bike trails all across Manitoba. Follow and join their Facebook group for all upcoming rides.

The tree lined gravel pit at Birds Hill Park is aptly nicknamed Little Baguio by many members of the Filipino Amateur Mountain Bikers group. As Paul Reyes described it, the evergreens that line the gravel pit remind him of Baguio, Philippines. Baguio is a city located in Northern Luzon in the Philippines, known for its mountainous landscapes.

The bike trail is also nicknamed the Gravel Pit in the FAMB Facebook Group and to get to Little Baguio, the trail into the Gravel Pit starts near Group Use 2 site at Birds Hill Park. The trail is currently unmarked and is being maintained by the mountain biking community including local business and members of FAMB.

COVID19 has contributed to the growth of biking enthusiasts and many newbies, including myself have ventured to discover new biking trails throughout our province. According to several reports from FAMB members and reports from local retailers not having enough bikes in-stock.