Bayanihan Burning Bright in Winnipeg

Bayanihan Burning Bright in Winnipeg

By Leila Castro

They often tell us that they would like to patrol with us, and they feel guilty that they couldn’t due to schedule issue. Some of them own businesses, but their generosity to 204 Neighbourhood Watch is not for promotional reasons. In fact, most of them did not want me to publicize about it. “Hindi pa po kasi kami maka-join. Appreciation namin ito sa nagagawa nyo sa community” (We cannot join you at this time, but we would like to give something to your group. This is our appreciation of what you do to the community). Messages like this often land in the filtered chat of my Messenger App. They are sent to me by individuals I have not met before. They generously offer donation to us from gloves to food, to free concert tickets for 204 Neighbourhood Watch patrollers. The funny thing is I never posted in any of the Filipino social media groups about requesting logistics help for our patrolling, except for the two posts I made roughly 8 months ago for disposable gloves and for used large ice cream containers. Just briefly after doing the post, I had to announce that I’d have to stop accepting donation because we received overwhelming number of items.

In our patrolling at Maples last week, we focused on cleaning up the school areas. When we were going around Constable Finney School, there were two kids that came running to us. They handed to us a bag of chips and oranges.

They were sent by their parents who knew that we would be in the area.

I am happy to show here the photos of the people from different walks of life whose message just popped up out of the blue, or who just dialed my number to extend their support for 204 Neighbourhood Watch, even if I was not actively soliciting donation.