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Danilo Donor
Ilocos Norte: A History
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Written by Danilo Donor
Part I of the series

A Very Personal Introduction

Authors are motivated to pursue a research topic ,for the author of this humble work,it is purely personal- a search for his roots. Both my grandparents in my father side( Zambales and La Union )and mother side (Ilocos Norte) were Ilocanos. My early childhood memories of my brief grandparents visits to Manila are still fresh in my minds.I heard them speaking in "strange" language, I being born and raised in Tagalog speaking region ,pained that can not hold conversations with them until I learned Ilocano in my early teens when I frequently spent my summer school breaks in Ilocos Norte since 1967.I enjoyed the company of my relatives, relish the memories of simple farm life; hiked along the national highway from Barrio Abaca,to Poblacion,Lanao and Dampig and in the town of Bangui,Ilocos Norte . I visited the town of Pagudpud ,and walk along its quiet beach(not an international tourist attraction then) and visited my aunt in Davila in the town of Pasuquin ,where I explored its seashore doted with salt making huts. Alas, what was left are vivid memories! It is the author's fervent hope that Ilocanos and non-Ilocanos alike will find the series informative- being a part of the Filipino historical experience. CHAPTER I


Ilocos Norte is located in the north western part of Luzon,the largest island in the Philippine Archipelago.It is one of four provinces that comprises Region I: ILOCOS NORTE, Ilocos Sur ,La Union and Pangasinan.

The province is bounded in the north by Babuyan Channel ; in the south by the province of Ilocos Sur;in the west by West Philippine Sea (formerly South China Sea ) and in the east by the provinces of Cagayan and Kalinga-Apayao.

The total land area of Ilocos Norte is 346,789 hectares or 3,622 sq.kilometers.

Ilocos Norte can be reach by air:45 minutes from Manila ,55 from Kaoshiung, 80 minutes from Guangzhou,Hong Kong and Taipei and 2.15 hours from Shanghai; and by land, 8 hours from Manila and 4 hours from Baguio.


Two pronounce season prevail in Ilocos Norte;dry and wet.Dry from November to April and wet during the rest of the year.


Ilocos Norte is composed of two cities and twenty one towns with their corresponding numbers of barangays(barrios):

1.Laoag City-capital(80)

2.City of Batac(43)

3. Adams(1)


5 .Badoc(31)


7.Banna/Espiritu (20)

8.Burgos (11)




12.Dumalneg (1)

13.Marcos (13)

14.Nueva Era (11)

15.Pagudpud (16)



18.Piddig (23)

19.Pinili (25)

20.San Nicolas (24)

21.Vintar (33)

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Danilo V. Donor