204 Neighbourhood Watch We are Growing!

204 Neighbourhood Watch  We are Growing!

By Leila Castro

On July 19, it was our turn to join Bear Clan in patrolling the North End. We had the opportunity to walk with the Lieutenant Governor Janice Filmon and former Premier Gary Filmon. While patrolling, we responded to a resident who called for our help. The fire under the deck was starting to get big when we reached the back of his house. Two Bear Clan patrollers immediately crawled under the deck, fortunately the fire was immediately extinguished. It’s hard to imagine what it would have been like if help came in late.

Our plan for last week was to do the clean up of playgrounds at Weston Logan, as we were uncertain if we would meet the minimum number of volunteers required for patrolling. To explain the kind of clean-up that we do, we look for drugs baggies, syringes, prescription medicine containers, lighters, items that can be possibly used as deadly weapon, and anything sharp such as broken bottles. We need to gather them from the ground before curious children get exposed to any of them. In our patrolling experience for the past two months, we recovered most of these items from playgrounds.

Last week Wednesday, I was happy to see 11 volunteers at the assembly venue, it was more than the minimum required so we changed the plan to doing the full patrolling at Weston Logan.

The area that we will patrol next is Tyndall. We need more volunteers! Join 204 Neighbourhood Watch fb group to see our announcements.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank those who donated boxes of gloves – Aldrin Capacete, Dhell Chubi Al, and Naomi Mateo. And thank you Rod Cantiveros for allowing 204 Neigbourhood Watch to use Filipino Journal to share our stories and spread awareness about our volunteer group.