204 Neigbourhood Watch Update : Patrolling Blake Gardens and Alexander-Brooklands

204 Neigbourhood Watch Update : Patrolling Blake Gardens and Alexander-Brooklands

by Leila Castro | Leilacastro.ca@gmail.com

On October 4 and 11, we patrolled Blake Gardens and Alexander-Brooklands. We were very happy to have five new patrollers join our group. For weeks volunteers Evo, Leonila and Charina had been communicating with us about their desire to join our activity and were just waiting for their schedule to clear up.

Volunteers Fran and Ryan are residents of the areas we patrolled.

For the two patrolling activities, we partnered with Norwest. Community workers and 204 Neigbourhood Watch patrollers Ponz and David helped us with the collaboration efforts.

Baggies used for drugs and weeds, syringes, knives and broken bottle pieces were recovered from parks and playgrounds. We took advantage of every chance to have conversations with the residents about safety. We also gave candies to children. Many expressed their appreciation of what 204 Neighbourhood Watch has been doing. One of them was Vivek Sharma, owner of Pizza Pizza at corner of Mc Philips and Logan. He said that he has been following the works of our volunteer group. So when Vivek saw the posting that we would patrol the area near his store, he immediately communicated with me and offered to provide pizza snacks for patrollers. The supportive owners of Bakerite (located at 1030 Keewatin St.) Emmy and Manny provided delicious fresh from the oven spanish bread and pandesal with peanut butter. These treats and enjoyable chats after patrolling made us easily forget that we just walked for over 2 hours exposed to cold temperature.

204 Neighbourhood Watch patrols every Wednesday and we need more volunteers. Join 204 Neighbourhood Watch fb group to see our announcements and updates, or email me at Leilacastro.ca@gmail.com.