20 Filipinos to Watch

Marjorie Dowhos

Marjorie Dowhos is a household name among listeners and viewers of CBC Winnipeg. Marjorie has made a name for herself in the journalism industry, where she has been showcasing her skills in storytelling for the past 20 years. Currently, Marjorie hosts CBC Manitoba’s Radio Noon on CBC Radio One and is a producer and reporter for CBC Winnipeg News at 6.

What excites you the most about what you do?
I love getting to know people who live in Manitoba. Everyone has a story to tell and people should get to see and hear these stories. I love talking to people, and I love how my job has taken me around the province. I love learning something new everyday.

What impact have you witnessed from your work?
I’ve seen stories or interviews that I have done that have impacted people or resonate with people. The best stories are the ones that have emotionally touched people to either speak up or has moved them to do something in their community.

Tell us a story about an obstacle you faced and conquered?
Growing up, some people questioned how pursuing a career in media could be successful. There have always been those naysayers that doubted building a long-term career in this field. I have been a host/journalist now for almost 20 years, proving that if you have a dream or a goal you can achieve it.

Monica Saromo

I am a first generation Filipino-Canadian, born and raised in Winnipeg. I grew up with a large family (I am the oldest of six kids) on both sides of my parents, and it was so much fun during family gatherings! Growing up, typical gatherings would consist of never ending food, creative play time with my cousins, and singing and dancing performances for the family.

My greatest passions are art, dancing, and singing. I took all the arts courses I could take in high school, not just for extra credits, but because I loved it! Eventually I gained a scholarship to Red River College for the Graphic Design program right after graduating high school in 2007. At this point, dance became a big part of my life while I was in Graphic Design. After joining a few of my friends’ cotillions, I was asked to audition for an urban dance group called Sikat Dance Company. I could honestly say that within the 10 years with this group, I’ve had some of the best experiences travelling, competing, building long lasting friendships and developing hard work and self-discipline skills. Some of the great things I’m proud to say I’ve accomplished are designing for many different local businesses in Winnipeg, especially for my friends in the Filipino community.

What excites you most about what you do?
Being able to help bring a business to life or to at least elevate a business in some form. From the beginning process of understanding what the business is about, how we want it to be portrayed to the public, and how the brand will continue to help the business grow. I believe my process is in depth and I value the meaning behind a brand. So in most cases, it takes me a while to really brainstorm, develop and create the final brand for my clients.

What impact have you witnessed from your work?
I’ve witnessed my work help many start-ups flourish into successful businesses. It’s been a blessing to network with my clients and build more clients from their referrals. I’m so thankful for all my clients and family and friends who believed in me and my work!

Tell us a story about an obstacle you faced and conquered.

I’ve struggled with staying creative and having to keep my passion for designing alive. It was hard to get over what I thought would be a short phase, but it lasted for a few years. My mind was tired, my work ethic was lacking, and it just seemed to me that I needed a break. I took on new hobbies and other careers knowing these would keep me busy, but in the back of my mind I was looking forward to the day I would miss designing, spark my passion to life and give it my all again.

I believe that the time is now, and I’m excited about so many new ventures to take on. Many new branding projects in the community to be on the lookout for!